Keep getting "Oops, we couldn't connect to {host pool name} "


I have created 3 Hostpools for Windows Virtual Desktop, 2 for desktops and one for apps. The desktops and apps all show up but when I login I get the Oops message.


What I have discovoured is that I created an AD DC in Azure as a new domain. I added my user account to the DC and a dummy account. I then setup and ran Azure AD Connect.
Now I am able to login as the dummy account but not as my own account and it seems this is because the account is not synced because there ius already account with my name. What in fact was created was a new account in AAD called shadwell0102 (instead of shadwell).
Is there a way to sync the user objects to the new AD DC?

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@Paul Shadwell : You'll only be able to sync users from an AD Domain Controller up to Azure AD (unless you use Microsoft Identity Manager to try and bring identities back the other way). Is that the functionality you're looking for?


@christianmontoya I'm testing at the moment so the long term strategy would be to setup a VPN back to on-prem so that I can create a DC in Azure and join it to the on-prem domain. That should solve the problem.

Thanks for the response.