Issue with WVD session host registration in Azure AD and enrollment into intune

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I am facing two issue as follows:


Issue No 1:

I have implemented WVD session host successfully which is  also Azure AD domain joined.But can not find the session hosts as "Azure AD registered" in Device list under Azure Active Directory.My WVD session host OS is "Win 10 Enterprise for Azure Virtual Desktop" and Host Pool Type is "Pooled". I also used AD group policy to register machine automatically in AD but it is failing to register.






Issue No 2:

I also not being able to enroll WVD session host into Intune so that I can manage the WVD session host via Intune.I applied AD Group policy for automatic enrollment with Device Credentials and User Credentials both are not working.


Please need urgent help to fix my issue.


Thanks in advance.  

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Any luck? My environment is cloud only with Intune as MDM.

@johnjjohn  I found the problem , Intune does not support multisession OS type therefore could not register and manage WVD session hosts into intune.So If I select only widows 10 OS type and enroll it with company portal than it works.