How to Azure ADDS hybrid join WVD machines

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I've just launched my first cloud-only WVD deployment using Azure ADDS (Active directory domain services). Now I want my users to be able to use SSO (single sign on) to connect to Office365 services. I tried searching, and found that WVD VM's need to be hybrid joined to Azure AD. This can be done only using AD Connect and I was not able to find how to do that with Azure ADDS solution. Manual way of joining WVD machines is also impossible, because Windows 10 multi-session SKU is missing "Access work or school" option in Settings. Is it possible to do at all ? How ?


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there are several online tutorials discussing this issue, and we half also the same problem at the moment.


The most promising tutorial for me was this one: WVD Windows 10 Multi-Session Intune Hybrid Azure AD Support (


But it atm it only works with an on-prem ad and Azure AD Connect. 


ATM we can sync the GPO, mentioned in the tutorial, from our AADDS to our WVD Machines, but they are still not willing to join the Azure AD atm.

We are getting the following error:

TenantInfo::Discover: Failed reading registration data from AD. Defaulting to autojoin disabled 0x80070002
DsrCmdJoinHelper::Join: TenantInfo::Discover failed with error code 0x801c001d.

According to this Website we doesn't have the rights with AADDS for joining the devices. 

Hybrid AAD join issue (

@bruoff thanks. Yes I already found out multiple forums and uservoice requests to enable SSO for AADDS but this is still not implemented and not doable. You need to have your own DC with Azure AD Connector installed. I am not willing to do that, so I'll wait until Microsoft will allow doing this. In the meantime our users will suffer entering credentials multiple times in various places in WVD.


How are you managing the WVD VM's? I'm in a similar situation whereas my environment is cloud only, and I'd like to manage the WVD VMs in Intune. Are you using GPO's within the AADDS instance?

@johnjjohn short answer, we are currently not.


There are 2 GPOs which you can push to the WVD Instances. But this is atm only working with single user instances of WVD machines. We tried this with an Windows 10 Multi-Session Instance. You cannot manage this type of WVD Instance in the moment. But I found out Microsoft is working on it and will release an Update for managing multi-session hosts in May. You can look it up on the WVD Roadmap from Microsoft.