How do we install Store apps the proper way?

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Currently we have a WVD environment with Windows 10 Multi Session combined with FSLogix.

We are running into issues when trying to use the apps from the Store.


This is what we are currently trying:

  1. The user opens the Store and installs an app.
  2. The app appears to be installed and usable.
  3. Once the user has signed out and has logged in again, the app has disappeared.

When we are trying this under the administrator, which is also excluded from using FSLogix profiling, it appears to keep the app installed, even after signing off and logging back in. This isn't a solution however, since the app is then only installed for the administrator.


It is still a bit unclear to us whether or not the Store apps are supported on WVD and if it is possible to distribute an app to all users (unlike what we are trying now under the specific user).


Is there any documentation on this subject perhaps?

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@tomdw did you make any progress on this? We are experiencing exactly the same behaviour, very frustrating. 


I am making the assumption that by having FSLogix enabled the filter driver is kicking in and 'potentially' invoking some future MSIX AppAttach functionality and making the C:\program files\windowsapps folder non-persistent.


Would be great to hear if you overcome the issue. We have tried all recent variants of the FSLogix agent.


@tomdw I am also experiencing this issue. Any ideas?

@tomdw Hi, I opened a ticket with Microsoft and this is the below response:


As we spoke on the phone a few minutes ago, after my meeting on monday with WVD subject matter experts, I proceeded to raise this issue yesterday with a main FsLogix developer.

He acknowledged that this is an issue the FsLogix Team is aware of. Currently it is not possible to run Modern Apps along with FsLogix, and this is a by design behaviour as both technologies are working as expected, the problem is the compatibility between them.


This is caused by the way both technologies work. Basically Modern apps have part of the info in the base OS and part of the info in the user profile, and FsLogix seamlessly redirects user profiles. This causes problems with persistency.

When the Modern app version in the FsLogix user profile registry doesn’t match the version of Modern app running in the base OS, it doesn’t appear to be available for the user


As it seems this is the first time this issue was raised, this is not internally documented yet, there’s not a number or article confirming this I can share with you yet.

We should expect a compatibility fix from Microsoft in the form of a per-machine installation, just like with Teams and OneDrive, but there is not an estimated date for this.

So for now if you want to use UWP apps you cannot do this while using FSLogix profiles.


I do think this is crazy as UWP / Store apps are are massive part of the basic usage of the OS.


Due to this is have had to stop using FSLogix profiles in WVD and switch to traditional roaming profiles and folder re-direction.




Can confirm that I have discovered this too - I find it unbelievable that Windows Store apps don't work with WVD/FSLogix.


Any ideas where we can raise this issue so that it gets fixed?

+1 to the list of folks observing this problem.
This is really bad for anyone using Windows 10 Multi-Session Pooled deployments where the same profile container is used with updated host pools. The user expects to get an updated experience with the newly updated host pool an this is true for Win32 apps. But, the "Modern" store apps are whacked.

Doesn't seem so "modern".... A fix would have to entail updating the user profile hive with the new version info. That or perhaps breaking away from writing version specific info in the first place which seems like a better path.

@msft? Are you reading these posts?
Rough waters for the Flagship Azure WVD!!!

VMWare Horizon non-persistent same issues. 


Apps work for new users. When apps update themselves or through updating the MASTER image the apps stop working. Also a topic on Microsoft Q&A.


FSLogix preventing Microsoft Store Apps from loading - Microsoft Q&A