Cannot AutoJoin Windows Virtual Desktop VM to Azure ADDS


I have watched the videos from Jeremy Chapman, Director of Microsoft 365 for preparing and deploying a windows virtual desktop environment. I have followed all the numerous articles regarding other issues people have had with this and NO ONE addresses this issue. I'm simply trying to roll out a full cloud based Windows Virtual Desktop environment. I have Azure AD, with ADDS setup (connected/authorized and has it's own VMnet ip addresses. The user I'm using has Global Admin rights along with ADDC Administrator group membership. When I setup a Host Pool, I choose to create VMs with it and I have tried creating VMs later, regardless, everything sets up, the VMs are there, but the delpoyment fails saying that it cannot join the VMs to the domain. There is only one subscription, one resource group, and one VMnet. I don't understand where there issue is and why this is so screwed up and complicated. Please let me know what other information you may need that is pertinent to what is going on. Also a side note, not sure if it's relevant, but after the VMs are created and actively running, I cannot get my user account to see them when going to


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Hi @DWhite84 here's a possible suggestion for the domain join problem - are the DNS settings for your VNet pointing at the IP addresses of the AD servers created by ADDS? This wouldn't be done automatically for you. Check that, then create a simple Win10 machine from an image, join it to the same VNet, and see if you can domain join that successfully - if you can't, at least you'll get some useful info as to why it can't. 


For your second question, the shortlink takes you to the old WVD web interface. Try adding ARM into it, e.g. but obviously this will only work once you have resources available to your user account - so you probably need to sort the domain join first.