Can i access my USB devices from Windows Virtual Desktop?

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Hi everybody. Is it possible if WVD accesses remote USB device like remote mouse or keyboard? Please give me some guide for it. Thanks for your help. 

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@Hau_Le - yes you can. It's supported through the standard RDP connection. You'll need to enable the function if you haven't already.




@Chris Jones - thanks for reply, but i wanna use usb remote in WVD client and Remote Desktop Connection probably not supported.Capture.PNG


Hi @Hau_Le ,


You still can manipulate these settings, using the Set-RdsHostPool cmdlet with the -CustomRdpProperty parameter.


If you look at the supported settings, you will find the drivestoredirect setting, controlling the drive mappings. If you set this CustomRdpProperty to drivestoredirect:s:*, all new devices should be available as well


I did the test with a USB Drive and a USB Keyboard, both became available during an active session.


Hi @michawets ,

Thank you for your reply,


I tried to use the CustomRdpProperty with drivestoredirect setting and it was detect C, D drives in my desktop.

But, i'm expecting that WVD can detect some USB device like Phone or peripheral but it don't. I try to find RDP setting parameter to redirect USB device but i don't have any result.

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