Best Way To Deploy Adobe Products

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Hi All,

We currently use a win10 multi session environment and have been installing Adobe Acrobat via a script in which the application installs but we are encountering issues with our script not checking for a current install and tries to setup every boot.

Is there a good way to deploy Acrobat in such an environment as we only have 1 user with access to all Creative Cloud apps and approx. 25 with acrobat licenses? Need to know as we are testing new pools of machines on a fairly frequent basis.


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@AT1991 Currently in a pure WVD environment (Without dynamic application layering solution) using scripts is about the best you can get in order to address that scenario. Further event with some application layering solutions keys/licenses still need to be scripted after user install. 

One option to explore is MSIX app attach assuming you can get the app converted via the MSIX packaging tool to an MSIX (here is how to test)

Thanks@Stefan Georgiev.


AppAttach is definitely something we want to look into going forward :)