Assign Dekstops or Applications to groups

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Currently it seems like assignment of dekstops and apps only is possible direct on users. Is it or will it be possible to assign directly to a security/office group instead?

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@andersidahl: We are already tracking this in our backlog but I don't have an ETA for you at this time. 

Hello @Eva Seydl , is there any way to upvote for this feature? (I feel it's something important if we want manage and scale WVD deployment.)

@ghonyme: Not yet but we are in the process to provide a UserVoice forum for Windows Virtual Desktop where you will be able to do that. When ready we will announce in this forum.

@Eva Seydl Has this functionality been implemented yet?  I find it a bit cumbersome to have to manually add individual users to app groups.  Where we want to get to is have securityu groups that we automatically on board users to and they get the appropriate published apps.  Also, are there any front end admin utilities or are things still only accessible using powershell?