An internal error has occoured with generalized image

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Hi team,


As we are still in preview, I take this channel to find a fix for my issues.


I did deploy a whole Virtual Desktop infrastructure over PowerShell like described here:


As the customer has a lot of applications in the image, I decided to generate the image offline with Hyper-V and import it then as image to azure. I did follow the guidelines to generalize a custom image here:


I deployed from the image 10 session hosts and did integrate them into the pool. On the management interface I can see them, heartbeat is there, the client is there, everything seems to work:




I can even RDP to the machines- if i do a direct RDP session to each machine over mstsc.


As soon as I try to open a connection over the Remote Desktop Connection tool, I get this error:




I tried to fix the issue with this article:


Unfortunately this article assumes that no RDP connection is possible to a machine- which is not the case here. I only have issues while connecting over the pool.


On the VDI client I can see RemoteFX errors in the event log like:


'Got OnConnectionClosed request' in CUMRDPListenerReverseConnectTcpUdp::OnConnectionClosed at 5078 err=[0x80004005]




'WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_REQUEST_ERROR WebSocket operation 'WINHTTP_WEB_SOCKET_RECEIVE_OPERATION'' in CHttpIoRequestWinHttp::StatusCallback at 2257 err=[0x2ef1]


I would be happy for any hint in this!


Thanks, Marco


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@4Marco : Apologies for the delay. Are you still stuck, or are you up and running?