WUfB + Third Party Patches

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Hi guys,

Are there any plans to add support for third party patches (i.e. those published from PatchMyPC) via WUfB?


Right now, the only way to deploy Third Party Patches that I'm aware of is via co-management.  We deploy security updates from WUfB and Third Party patches using our on-prem ConfigMgr environment.  This works, but the user experience isn't great since we'll get notifications from WUfB for installs & reboots and separate notifications from Software Center for the other updates & reboots.  Depending on your answer to my first question, are there plans to unify this experience?


Thank you!

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@egoodman great question! While WUfB doesn't support 3rd party patching some of the management tools that leverage WUfB do. That said, to your second question unifying the experience for Configuration Manager to be the same as Windows Update for Business does seem like a good idea that you should stay tuned for more information on in the future. :) 

@egoodman as @Aria Carley states though we have no plans for WUfB at this time, this is something we are investigating into other options for.  I'd like to learn more about your business need, please feel free to e-mail me at kevinmi@microsoft.com.


Thanks for sharing!