WUFB definition for some of the policies

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Hi, we've started testing WUFB and we were wondering if somewhere in the docs you have clear definitions of the following policies and what they really do?

Microsoft product updates - Does that include O365 CTR updates?

Auto reboot before deadline - what does it mean?

Restart checks - Will it still restart at the deadline even if the checks aren't met?

Pause windows updatesIf we set the deadline to 2days and the user pauses for 7days, when are the patches installed?


Thks in advance and don't hesitate if you have any questions.

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@lalanc01 , this doc may help you, the Intune settings for WUfB are detailed here: Windows for Business Update settings for Microsoft Intune - Azure | Microsoft Docs.


For each one of the policies, if you drill into the CSP references here, you will find the detailed description and scope of each policy:  Policy CSP - Update - Windows Client Management | Microsoft Docs  

Example: for the "Auto Reboot Before Deadline" it maps to the Update/ConfigureDeadlineNoAutoReboot CSP.

@lalanc01 Hi again, 


Microsoft product updates - This includes updating office if office is already installed on the device.

Auto reboot before deadline - This means that the device will try to automatically update outside of active hours when the user is away. This is the recommended experience as the user will then come back to a device that is up to date and not have to wait for the reboot to occur. 

Restart checks - If the power level is below 15% it will not restart at the deadline. It will prompt a restart as soon as the device is connected to power. 

Pause windows updates - If we set the deadline to 2days and the user pauses for 7days, when are the patches installed? The patches would be installed in 7 days. We will respect your end users pause. If you do not want this to be the case you can disable the end user pause. :)


Please let me know if you have any other questions. I will work to update the documentation to cover these cases.

@Aria Carley  As I understand it click to run updates independently from WU so that "microsoft product updates" would be fore like things like SQL, visual studio, etc.

@Aria Carley 

Just to be clear,


Microsoft product updates: This doesn't include M365 Apps (Click-2-Run) updates, only Office 2016 and below?


Auto reboot before deadline: This option is recommended only if you're OK with shutting down open apps i.e Outlook, Word, Excel, Autocad, etc.. BUT the catch is that Microsoft apps will come back to their original state but 3rd party apps like Adobe, Autocad, etc will be closed and all work done if not saved will be lost. So again, it's recommended as long as you're ok shutting those apps.