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WUFB and updates released after patch Tuesday

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Hi, when a out of band (like a zero day) is release after Patch Tuesday, lets says a week after, will this update install with the same deferal and deadline that we have set in our policies?


That would mean that whenever updates are releases after patch Tuesday, our users could be force to reboot a second time during that month?


Is there a way to force those out of band updates to install at the same time the regular patch Tuesday updates to avoid such reboots?


Thks in advance and don't hesitate if you have any questions.

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@lalanc01 so Windows Update for Business (WUfB) devices are only offered security or critically marked quality updates. This means the only out of band releases that a WUfB device will be offered is one that is security or critically marked. In this case, that update will similarly respect the deferral and deadline policies that you have in place. 


Aka that update will only go to devices after it reaches your specified number of quality update deferral days old and will then install within your specified deadline period. Unfortunately, this does mean it could lead to two reboots during that month. Luckily Out of band releases for WUfB are rare and happen roughly once a year. 


If the out of band update is released before you push out patch Tuesday then you can certainly adjust your deferrals such that your devices are only offered the out of band release to avoid double reboots. 


Let me know if you have any other questions! :)



This can be done today managing deferral policies, though we have heard feedback for an easier to manage option.  Check out this Ignite Video that references some improvements we're looking at