Windows Update for Business - One Feature Upgrade per year

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We plan to move as many devices as we can to Windows Update for Business to hopefully trim down a lot of our ADRs and storage.  We might be able to get rid of WSUS for devices all together, which would be fantastic.


We've settled in to doing feature upgrades once per year, taking advantage of the extended support of the fall upgrades.  I work at a university, so being able to image our labs once a year and keep them from upgrading in the middle of the semester is really helpful.  Is there a way to move to Windows Update for Business, while keeping the 1 feature upgrade per year cadence?  The only way I've figured out how to do it in Intune is to defer the feature upgrades by 365 days and manually create a feature update deployment profile.  I was curious if there was a more automated way of doing that so I don't have to remember to time it correctly.

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Hello @Geoffrey Smead, in Intune you will see "Feature Update Deployment (preview)" option (documented here) which you can utilize to specify a specific Feature Update version to move to and stay on until you change the policy. This will enable you to move annually and utilize the longer servicing timeline provided to those on Education skus. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding how to utilize this capability to move devices to a new Feature Update annually. :)