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Reports??? Reports????


How can i get a simple report that shows the status of the Feature update pushed. It is really a daunting task to generate one.


Also how can we specify when the feature update to run at a specific time?

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Check out Update Compliance.
To manage when feature updates are offered use Intune Feature Update Preview or deferrals.
To manage the download, install, restart see the other Windows Update policies.
Are you asking about Feature Updates deployed using the Feature Update profile? If yes, you should use the feature update reports in Intune. This document provides some great info, In particular, be sure to check out the section on configuring data collection, which enables you to see downloading, and other on-device states, as well as any errors from the device.

And feature update profiles in Intune have added in November the Start Date and Gradual Rollout settings so you can specify exactly when to start deploying a feature update. More info here:

If you are asking about Update Rings, then as Aria said, Update Compliance is your best bet. Update Rings control over "when" to deploy feature updates is the deferrals setting.


@VINOD KUMAR - It's still in preview, but you can try going to Reports -> Windows updates (preview), select "Reports" at the top and click the "Windows Feature Update Report" option from the list. From there, you will need to select one of the feature update profiles you have created in MEM/Intune to generate the report. I hope this helps! Below is an example of a generated report.




Thanks. But these reports are not accurate. I have a ticket opened as well.

@David - Yes we have been using Intune Feature update. But timing we have no control. As we are seeing it is running during the day time. But quality updates has an option to configure the business hours

Can you tell me a bit more about why you think those reports are not accurate?

Feature updates also follows the Active Hours rules as well as the deadline settings. Deadlines can cause a mid-day restart if the user doesn't approve or schedule a restart before the deadline expires. Is that what you are seeing?

@David_Guyer So under reports there are 5 devices it shows as in-progress. Two devices are already upgraded to 20H2 before 2 days and the report are still showing as in progress




Also we have not set any deadline behavior