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Windows 10 works really well in the BYOD space, but the predominant model of usage in U.K. Schools is still shared desktops and will be for some time. We'd love to have a start menu that could be applied consistently, and be reliable in those deployment scenarios. We see a lot of either start menu being blank, or nothing happening when shortcuts in the menu are clicked on, or just crashing needing a restart to correct. Are there any plans for the start menu?
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we have a great TechNet Virtual Lab that lets you play for configuring the Windows 10 start menu.

There is a Start Menu troubleshooter you can run. You should also check you have the latest Quality Updates installed. and look into issues with 3rd party software causing Start Menu problems.

We would recommend using the Start screen control group policy for specifying the layout that should be used on machines.  This can be completely locked (no users can make changes) or partially locked (a few fixed groups, but users can create new groups and pin their own items into those).


Some of the earlier releases had Start menu reliability issues (in some cases tied into overly-aggressive security software), but the behavior has been pretty stable with the most recent ones.  If you are still seeing issues like this, please open a support case.


I wasn't here during this discussion, but I am surprised that provisioning packages weren't mentioned. These certainly have the ability to provide your users a consistent Start Menu experience.

Hi. I see references to a downloadable Windows 10 Start Menu Troubleshooter, but I have had no joy trying to find this file. If it is still available, I would be grateful for a URL; if it is not available, I would be grateful to see the references to it deleted or marked "No Longer Available".