Windows 10 Enterprise

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What deployment/servicing methods are other corporations deploying to their enterpise environments? Current Branch, Current Branch for Busiess or LTSB? What does Microsoft recommend for deployments of mixed enviroments physical workstations and VDI workstations?

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CB for piloting, CBB for production. No difference between physicals and VDI, just different deployment methods. Disk space is a premium on VDI, so servicing is a bit more difficult. We are working on automation to expand the disk, upgrade, then reclaim the disk.

CB and CBB are really the same thing at different points in time:  Each new release is initially considered CB, and then becomes CBB after about four months.


For information workers, we always recommend CB/CBB.  LTSB is designed for special-purpose devices, e.g. ATMs, not for typical information worker scenarios.

How are enterpise IT pros managing the upgrade process between major releases and how do you see that process changing with the move to releases every 6 months?