what is the stable update of windows 10 for industrial purpose?

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I am IT engg, and i work for a industry so i want to update my self about windows progress.

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I think your inquiry should contain additional information!

What version of Windows are you currently using?

And surely every new installation requires testing on selected end devices!

@A1 i am using latest version of windows 10 but it gives me so many bugs in different types of software and applications like office 365 apps, SAP or PDF Printing issues, network communication and network file and device sharing also. I hope is this enough info to explain my issue?  



Describing issues up to version 19043.1023 ?

The most stable version today is 19042.


If you're looking forward to pretty stable Windows 10 for industrial purpose, you might want to checkout Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019:


Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
Windows 10 Enterprise
Never ever Windows Insider Build.


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This is an important topic and is worth discussing in more detail

The latest stable build (not the insider) is the most recommended one.
However, we recommend you to test it on small sample of devices and make sure there is no issue with your devices and then when the test was okay perform the deployment for all devices.