What is the official EOL date for version 1511?

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With the recently announced twice-a-year cadence, has the end-of-life date been finalized for version 1511?

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Windows 10 v1511 end of servicing happens when Windows 10, v1703 (also known as the Creators Update) is declared CBB in around four months, with a 60-day grace period (during which time there are three supported CBB releases), that means Windows 10 1511 will be serviced at least through at least October 2017.

Thank you, Nathan -- that was my estimate as well.

@Nathan Mercer

How does the defer period play a role in this.  It is very unclear.   my undertanding is that with 1511 you can defer up to 8 months.  Once the ADMX files for 1607 have been aplied. the defer period is switched to days from CBB.  few question on this.


1. How does 1511 read the defer period with the new ADMX?

2. With 1607 entering cbb on novermber 29th , does this mean that the defer period is untill May 26th with 1607 ADMX files.

3. Is it the new 1703 ADMX files that push this out till atleats October 2017?



you dont Think that is to long time to wait for Windows 10, v1703 (also known as the Creators Update)