W10 1809 to 1909 Feature Update and missing personal certificates


We have reported an issue we are experiencing at an alarming rate.  We are leveraging WUfB servicing to update devices on 1809 that will run out of support come May over to OS version 1909.  There have been a high volume of devices that are ending up with missing VPN and MDM Certificates in the process after successfully updating.   Working through a MS Premier Support case but wanted to bring this up as currently do not see anything mentioned with Windows Update for Business.  Only that this is expected when using IPU e.g. WSUS, ISO and media that are old and missing latest LCU.


This has been a huge concern and like to know if this is a bug that is widely known or going to be published.?

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Hi @Miguel Sanabia, interesting. Are you positive that the devices are getting their updates to 1909 via Windows Update for Business not from a WSUS that you have configured? At this time, I am not aware of any issues that would cause what you are talking about coming after updating via Windows Update. If this issue persists, please submit a support case or feedback hub bug with logs. 


Thanks and apologies for the trouble you are having! 

@Aria Carley  Hi Aria.   yes working with MS Engineer who is reviewing the device setup and update logs.  This is definitely using WU servicing based on the feedback provided.  Its not all devices that end up with missing certs but a high volume which forced us to seize further updates.


Would you be helpful towards how to submit a feedback hub bug.   This issue has really put us in a bad situation with 10K devices till on OS 1809.

@Miguel Sanabia We are not tracking this issue with WUfB,  the issue we are tracking with certificate fail to migrate was following an in-place upgrade to the 20H1 / 2004 release of Windows 10 from any of the following OS versions

    • Windows 10 1809 / RS5
    • Windows 10 1903 / 19H1
    • Windows 10 1909 / 19H2

Here's our documentation on the issue.

Resolved issues in Windows 10, version 1909 and Windows Server, version 1909 | Microsoft Docs


Please feel free to PM me with your support case if indeed your issue is with WUfB.





Hi Kevin. I sent you a PM with those details. Thank you in advance!