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Upgrading OLD windows 10 versions

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I have some old unsupported version of windows in the environment  1511 1607 and 1703.  I would like to upgrade them using the feature upgrade through Servicing model and not an IPU using setup.exe and a task sequence.


Will the servicing update process upgrade these old versions to 1909?  Or is there documentation on the limitations of the servicing model?

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Hi John - To answer your immediate question, the 1903 to 1909 update via servicing is ONLY applicable for the upgrade from 1903 to 1909. It won't work with ANY other combination.


Just so I fully understand you,  all previous version before 1903 must be upgraded using the setup.exe method to get to 1909?  

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Karen, You mean using the enablement package, which isn't the question John is asking.
Looking for documentation on supported jumps to 1909 from previous versions running Servicing  (in place upgrade).  

Enablement Package 1903 -> 1909

Servicing: (Previous Windows 10 -> Newer Version of Windows 10)

Hi John, you can do either servicing updates, or image ( setup) , however, often, customers I have worked with that find themselves in your situation, on very old versions, end up deciding that the fastest route forward is to reinstall to the latest. The update technology and experience has improved dramatically, and depending on the HW, you may be looking at a multi-hour + update from 1511, plus any additional apps/driver updates. So, if you have practices like cloud based storage, etc, a simple repave may the faster route for you in this case. Current versions can see servicing updates sub-20 mins, so the story is very different when your staying current, and we like to call out, one of the key designs and benefits of staying current.

@John_Dahl while the team is leaning on the how and why to your question, can you help us understand what scenarios, issues, or business reasons led to being so far behind? As noted, get current and stay current is the shortest putt but we are always listening for opportunities to improve process or reduce friction. 




@Kevin Mineweaser 

Complex environment, currently with 18 different domains and different configurations, passwords etc.  And more to come.


Inheritance of different states of machines, users connected and not connected to networks.


Project of getting machines off of windows 7 still continuing.


Now with many working remotely, the IPU is so complex to upgrade and standardize the configuration, that it will never work through Cisco Anyconnect VPN.  Best thing is to implement the Service Model.

Thank you. I will keep this in mind during testing.
Thank you Gary. I appreciate the info. :)

@Johnwilc  I have multiple domains, and versions, but they are all stand-alone, no internet connection. Will a 1909 setup disk, with latest SSU, CU patches work?