Update Compliance stale devices

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do you know what is the retention policy for stale devices (that are no longer in sccm/Intune) for Update Compliance? Asking because our Update Compliance statistics are really bad because we have a ton of old devices that are seen as not updated (they can’t be because they no longer exist).


Also, do you have a recommendation on how to exclude those devices? Maybe by excluding devices with LastScan older than X days?

Thank you in advance and don't hesitate if you have any questions

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@lalanc01 ,  there are two things probably still affecting your data.  One is that if the devices still have the commercial Id used for Update Compliance, they will still report in your Update Compliance reports, until that commercial Id is removed.   After that, data is retained for 28 days.


So, the first step is to remove the commercial Id.


Coming soon, Update Compliance will use AAD tenant or device Id's instead, and so removing a device from AAD tenants should remove them from Update Compliance once that takes effect.