Update Compliance slow data refresh

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Hi is it true that some of the compliance data can take up to 48hours to be seen in Update Compliance and if so, is there any plans to speed up that process?


Do you have any docs that show the refresh frequency for the compliance data?



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@lalanc01 in fact, our latest Update Compliance docs do include latency times! :) Using Update Compliance (Windows 10) - Windows Deployment | Microsoft Docs 


For your convenience: 

Data Type Data upload rate from device Data Latency
WaaSUpdateStatus Once per day 4 hours
WaaSInsiderStatus Once per day 4 hours
WaaSDeploymentStatus Every update event (Download, install, etc.) 24-36 hours
WUDOAggregatedStatus On update event, aggregated over time 24-36 hours
WUDOStatus Once per day 12 hours