Update Compliance not getting updated info from clients

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I have an issue with Update Compliance,

After a month or so since i deployed the Update Compliance Script on several computers, which configures several Registry Settings of which one of them is the CommecialId of my Log Analytics Workspace in registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\DataCollection\CommercialId

I am now finding that some of the computers have lost this Commercial ID Registry setting and i have to redeploy the Update Compliance Script.  Does anyone know what is going on here?

Also after i have redeployed it, there may be some other issues because now it doesn't seem to be updating the Log Analytic WorkSpace with the latest information of the update status, as an example i've updated my computer and it is fully up-to-date, but in the Update Compliance Dashboard it is showing the computer as not-up-to-date.  


I tried Regenerating the Commerical ID and redeploying the Update Compliacen Script updating the CommecialID with the new one, but for some reason the clients are not updating their update status.

I also tried creating a Configuration Profile in Intune to push out the OMA-URI Settings that the article talks about: Manually configuring devices for Update Compliance but this still doesn't fix the issue.


I've tried following the troubleshooting steps in the Microsoft Articles, but can't seem to get anywhere.


Any Troubleshooting steps or articles that people have would be helpful.


Thank you,

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@Simeon_Hemus , 

If you have the machines set correctly, I would start by making sure you do not have any network configurations that would block communication to the services.  Assuming there is no network routing related issues and your configuration is definitely applied, I would suggest going ahead and opening a support case and having our support teams help.  If you have Premier support, you can do this by contacting your CSAM (TAM) for assistance, if you do not have Premier, you can open a support incident here: Contact Us – Microsoft Support.