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Transition from SCCM Updates to WUB = Loss of control over major version updates?

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Good morning,

We are a school district using Windows 10 for Education with 20K mobile devices moving inside and outside our network. We are currently in the process of connecting InTune to SCCM for co-management and one of the first workloads I'd like to transition is SCCM managed windows update to Windows Update for Business.


However, I'm told that migration to WUB will cause us to lose control over major version updates when deadlines occur. This is something that we are going to have to accept but for now I'm looking for help in managing this change. Specifically:


  • What documentation is available for managing this transition?
  • What documentation or resources are available for monitoring upcoming major version update deadlines?
  • What features in SCCM/InTune are recommended for monitoring/managing major update activity and deadlines as well as computer readiness?
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Hi @Jameswatson3, thanks for reaching out! 


With WUfB you will actually be able to select a specific major version (e.g. 20H2) and remain there until you change the policy. Additionally, we actually have a compliance deadline experience which provides the compliance you need with a good end user experience. 



I am working on providing even more guidance. To check out the latest updates follow TechCommunity blogs or if you have twitter you can follow along there as well (@ariaupdated). Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

@Aria Carley Thank you. I will review those resources and and your Twitter content.