Thunderbird goes crazy when trying to email a file. Help!

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Hi MS Pros:

First time poster. I have been fighting Thunderbird on this problem: When right clicking on any file to email off, Thunderbird never opens with the attached file ready to go.. after a few minutes, the hard drive is running at full bore, then after a few more minutes, the PC starts hiccuping and locks up.. This is happening on a second PC too.

So Far I re-installed TB. Fail

Got online support from MS chat, and reinstalled WIN10. Fail

Ensured all settings are correct. Good.  Fail


People on Mozilla Thunderbird's Forum tell me it's a MAPI issue. When looking at the task manager I can see that MAPI Fix is opening up tons of times until the memory runs out, and my PC locks up. This started up after a windows update I believe. Been working for years without any problems before that.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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