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On my computer (with Windows 10) I was browsing in a folder when, for a test, I right-clicked on a file and then clicked on the "Share" option (you can do this yourself). The first time I got the message "This app cannot share at this time". Only this message appeared, nothing else. I closed it, re-did the process and this time, instead of that message, I got a window with Onenote, Mail, Skype as sharing options (again, you can see for yourself). But I did not click on any of these and closed the window. So I wanted to know: have I shared or not?
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Hello, it's quite common - the sharing process requires a lot of confirmations and the right path until these conditions are confirmed by the system (there is a notification that now you can not share, but later everything works correctly.

Of course, since you did not take the next step - then you certainly did not share this file.

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@A1 But in the situation I have described, have I shared or not?

I assure you that you have not shared