Server 2022 loses RDconnection broker role upon install of March and April CU


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I have a support case open on behalf of a customer who after the install of KB5011497 has lost the RDconnection broker role on the server and it's broken.  When we talked to support they told us "the team does no root cause analysis and that a case needs to be opened with the “premier team” in order for there to be any further analysis and an actual fix for the problem"


Right now after installing the patch, breaking RDconnection broker one has to "removing the rdg, rdcb, and rdweb roles from the server (leaving RDSH intact) and reinstall them".  This is unacceptable for patching behavior.  It appears that the patch does not install the SSU and it's unclear if this is triggering the destructive behavior.



1. Is Microsoft aware of this issue

2. Are they planning to fix this?

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