Quality update uninstall with WUFB and Intune

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Hi, I wanted to know what happens when we click on 'Uninstall' for quality updates with WUFB managed via Intune.


When I go in the ring summary I can see that Quality updates say : 

Uninstalled and Paused (Days remaining: 35)
but the updates are not getting uninstalled on the devices assigned to this ring.
How long should it take for the uninstall to start and where could I look to see why it's not?
Thks in advance and don't hesitate if you have any questions.
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@lalanc01 When you select uninstall for quality updates first make sure that quality updates are paused and that devices are currently running the latest quality update (these are pre-requisites for uninstalling the update). 


From there it should uninstall as soon as the device connects back to Intune to sync policies (typically every 6-8 hours). Then the device will begin to uninstall the update and you will see depending on the reporting tool you use and its latency. 


Does this make sense? If this is not what you are seeing, please feel free to provide more details! :)

I am running with the same issue when checking on the uninstall the quality update on the co-managed device from the update ring. Update has been paused but it is not deleted, so which registry entries or the event logs I should check to confirm about the issue.