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Hi, if for some reason, we need to skip a monthly quality update (for example it breaks some of our tools), in WFUB, if we pause systems from receiving CU for 35days, will the now superseeded monthly CU be installed or will it only try to install non-superseeded updates?


Also, in the event that for 2 consecutive months, we need to pause quality updates, how would we go about doing that?


Thank you for your help and don't hesitate if you have any questions 

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@lalanc01 Hi, this is a great question! 


Let me start by being very specific about how Pause and Deferrals work:

- Pause will simply prevent any updates of the paused type that were supposed to be installed on the device from being offered for a period of 35 days from the set pause start date. 

- Deferrals will ensure that any update of that deferred type will only be offered after they are at least deferral days old. 


This means that if I have a 0 day deferral and pause for 35 days, I will be offered whichever update at the end of that period of 35 days that was most recently released. Given updates are typically released every 30 days, this would be the new update rather than the one you paused for. Pausing does not mean that you will never receive the quality update that was offered before you paused. It just means that you will not be offered anything for 35 days and then will be offered whatever update matches your deferrals.


Now, if you need to pause multiple months in a row simply reset the pause quality update start date to a new date a day or two before it expires on the devices. 


Does that answer your question?




@Aria Carley yes it answers most of it, only thing that I'm not sure on how to : eset the pause quality update start date to a new date a day or two before it expires on the devices?


Where would I do that? asking because if I go on my ring, I only have the option to pause/resume, but not specify any start date.


Thks for your help. Much appreciated.

@lalanc01 depending on the tool you use this could vary. With most you should be able to see the pause start date you initially configured. Then you can simply remember, do the math, or reset next month to that current date. 


Which tool are you using?

@Aria Carley We use Intune,