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Hi all


I work for a company that has 350 odd desktops and laptops that have a range of windows 10 feature packs. The idea of walking around to each of these machines and running the feature pack update doesn't sound nice.

In the past, we have waited for the user to go on holiday and then update them which takes about 3 hours per device, not fun!

What would you guys do to update these machines? hopefully in the office hours but keep the users using the computers for as long as possible  

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Hi Ryan,


First, to clarify, by "feature pack" do you really mean "feature update"? The below answer assumes "feature update".

Are you managing these devices with any tools like Intune? If so, then you can configure the use of Windows Update for Business (WUfB) using Intune. If not, you should strongly consider doing this.

Are the devices joined to an Active Directory domain? If so, then you can also configure WUfB using group policy.

To summarize WUfB is a set of policies to control the deployment of updates to Windows systems from Windows Update including setting deferrals and deadlines.

Thanks. Yes i mean the feature updates :)
Yes they are all domain-joined
My understanding is that WUfB was only for windows 10 enterprise? we only have Win 10 Pro
WUfB is free and available to ALL premium sku devices (aka PRO and above). You can configure via Intune, Group Policy, etc.

The only part of WUfB that is enterprise only is WUfB Deployment Service through the graph API or Intune.
Windows update for business is honestly just a series of group policies that you just have to figure out and then off you go. Now you might need a specific M365 license for the intune part