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Office Hours - Autopilot User Assignment Changes

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Microsoft has documented that with the recent change to user assignment for Autopilot, the user's UPN won't pre-populate when it's time for them to logon during setup.  Can someone please clarify what other impacts this is expected to have.  


Example 1: When kicking off pre-provisioning I'm not seeing the user's email address populated on the pre-provisioning screen either.  Is that expected?


Example 2: It was my understanding that prior to the change if we assigned an autopilot device to a user and went through pre-provisioning, the software that was assigned as required for that user would be installed in addition to the device required software during pre-provisioning.  That would significantly cut down on the user portion of the Autopilot process.  Is this the way it worked prior to the change and was it intentional that this doesn't seem to work now?  I've just been setting this up for the first time this last month and hadn't tested to confirm this behavior prior to the change.

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Hi @Greg_C_Gilbert,


This was a recent change we made in response to an emerging insight. See for details.


#1, yes, this is expected and is the primary ramification of the change.

#2, yes, this is the way it worked and is the way it continues to work as long as the Intune and AAD objects have been cleaned properly up per the rest of the change noted in the article I linked to above.

@Jason_Sandys just to confirm, I should just have to delete the device record from Intune, not from AAD. I don't see anything in the documentation about doing AAD cleanup. I'll have to test again as my user apps didn't install when I tested this yesterday.

Yes, I think that's correct -- I erroneously called out AAD object above. Follow the guidance in the link I posted: "To redeploy a previously provisioned device through Windows Autopilot (in self-deploying mode or pre-provisioning mode), first delete the device record from the All Devices blade in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Be sure to not delete it from the Autopilot devices blade as that deregisters the device. "