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When releasing a new version of Windows 10 can it be accompanied with detailed documentation about new/changed/deprecated features, especailly those that could impact applications e.g. API, security models, features? Reason being that with 160k+ machines, 3000+ applications and 3000+ internal/external websites used daily, we need to provide our developer/application owner community with as much information as possible.  This is going to be key to maintaining the cadence of the CBB releases.

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Absolutely necessary because with fixed delivery dates and quality, features will slip or move between releases.

We release deprecation information here

In general we strive to keep Windows compatible and not break apps or change things.

We'd recommend looking into Windows Analytics: Upgrade Readiness which uses telemetry data to provide rich, actionable information to help you gain deep insights into operational efficiency and the health of Windows 10 devices in your environment.

We are continually working to improve our documentation. Today, we publish information about removed/deprecated features, new/updated documentation for IT pros, what's new for developers, a list of new APIs, and what's new for IT pros. You can also find a list of new APIs in Preview builds.

This is great news and looks like the information we need. (Edge also has a great site on what's changed -

However, I have asked by my TAM and DSE for this numerous times and I've had nothing from them. How about putting all the links on one site for each release? 

I second this - it would really be helpful to have all this information bundled together on a single site instead of having to piece it together component by component…