MS Edge on chrome basis is too slow during the speed test in the download

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With the Edge based on Chromium version 84.0.522.28 the download speed was 1.1 GBit.
With the current version 84.0.522.44 the download rate has been halved.

A test with the Opera browser always showed a download speed of 1.1 GBit!


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@Charly - Please check if download speed is the same on other web browsers as well. 

If its the same issue then kindly consider changing DNS of your computer. 

Refer to this article on the Changing DNS to Google DNS 


Let me know if it helps.

@amaanr The speed test in Opera results in the full bandwidth of 1.1 GBit during download.

kindly consider changing DNS of your computer. 

Refer to this article on the Changing DNS to Google DNS 


Let me know if  this helps. 


The result is slightly better (660 MBit) but not sufficient.

Are you performing a speed test from a speed test site or observing the speed of your downloads?


I use the website to speedtest for Edge and Opera.

@Charly Does the issue of speed persist in downloading files in the browser?


Also, please share screenshot of the speed test. 


If have checked via download for 1GB: Edge 26 sec. Opera 17 sec.


@Charly Go to address bar in Edge and enter this edge://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading

Enable the option and restart your browser. Next, try downloading the same file. Let me know.





The download was about equally bad (30sec).


@Charly  - Did the problem of speed appear recently?, or after a certain Windows update, or Edge browser update(that came a few weeks back).



This is the case since the Edge Update 84.0.552.44.
And the download was okay only with version 84.0.522.28.
Before this version I had the same problem.

@Charly Only 84.0.522.28 was on the beta channel. I suggest you to try the Canary version since it pushes beta builds consistently. Maybe that should work.

Meanwhile, try resetting EDGE for once? Maybe some plugins/addons are acting up


I tested it with the DEV and CAN and so the download was again at 1.1 GBit. Everything okay.

With the version 84.0.522.28 the download speed works with the version 84.0.522.44 the download became slower again. If Microsoft does not investigate the problem and solve the problem, so that the problem is finally solved.
Because with version 83.0.478.56 I had the same ones as now.

Who can say that if the CAN version goes into rollout and later a version update comes, that the download problem will not come back.


Above all I have to pay attention now which Edge-Browser I use to get a good download performance.



@amaanr Unfortunately resetting Edge in the current browser did not help either.