Monitoring Quality update compliance for WUfB users

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For machines using WUfB what is the best way to monitor Quality update compliance. We currently use Desktop Analytics which seems to have a 2 day delay in reporting.

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@Alexandre Gauthier I would recommend utilizing Update Compliance to monitor Quality Update compliance when managing with WUfB. 

@Aria Carley   Can you use both Desktop Analytics with CM and Update Compliance?  I thought it was one or the other?

Hello @Dawn M Wertz there is nothing stopping you from using both Desktop Analytics and Update Compliance, but it is worth noting that Desktop Analytics provides a workflow for creating a pilot group and deploying which is meant for SCCM's deployment workflows with WSUS, so if you are actually using Group Policy or Co-management to get Windows updates from WU you may get more value for those deployments from Update Compliance.