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As an education customer, it is becoming essential to find a way to map a users OneDrive for Business to a drive letter to present to users on their shared Windows devices in order to leverage the work anywhere, on any device and collaborative features that ODfB affords us. Disk space on SANs is a premium, and so we cannot afford to use sync or offline files. With the drastic reduction in education funding and thanks to Brexit, £1,000,000 is now worth $1, being able to use ODfB in place of traditional home folders is now crucial to being able to realise a 21st Century pedagogy model. Could this feature be implemented for Windows 10 and through group policy as well as InTune for Education please?
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thanks for the feedback, we'll pass this onto our colleagues in OneDrive. @Stephen Rose

I am not sure if this is an option but I place folders from OneDrive into the Quick Access list in File Explorer - that makes them available through any app/program that browses for files.

Agreed -- this is a must-have.


We're hackishly doing this now with a PowerShell script (and it looks like the next Intune Azure preview update might include automated PowerShell scripts for users & devices).




The only annoying point is invalid/prohibited files break sync entirely (rather than still syncing with those files ignored).

I found a freeware utility called VSubst at that I use to map OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive each to their own drive letters. It seems to work well on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.