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Good Afternoon, 


We have recently implemented Intune and enrolled all of our devices. We have a production ring set with a feature deferral of 365 days, as we want to avoid the latest version but get away from 1803... 

We have seen mixed results, with the majority now on 1909:


20H218 [0]
2004072 [0]
1909663114 [0]
1903098 [0]
180901 [0]
1803020 [0]


I have checked through a number of devices and the settings across from registry to the MDM report all seem to be set correctly, is there any further information that can be provided on why some devices still seem to be going to 2004 and higher? 

Is there also any further information on how the Feature update rings (preview) are developing? We were originally going to roll this out but have found it unreliable (updating devices to the latest version).

On top of the above our Alpha ring with a deferral date of 0 doesn't seem to update the devices to the latest. Any help would be appreciated.

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@matthewobrien8 sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems. 


Are these devices purely using deferrals or have you also configured the new "Feature Update Deployment (Preview)" policy? 


Deferrals simply update the device to whatever update is at least that many days old. 1909 was 365 days old only starting this month. 2004 should not be offered to devices with a 365 day feature update deferral until May of next year. *Note: If a device is on 1909+ and has a 365 day deferral they will not be offered any feature update until May of 2021. 


If  a device < 1903 has a 365 day deferral and does not move to 1909 starting this month, please file a support case or review your policy configurations to ensure that the devices are correctly pointing to Windows Update, have the policy configured, and do not have any Group Policies overwriting it or the other policy mentioned above configured. 





Please let me know if you have any other questions. 




@Aria Carley Thanks for the response. 

We are not using "Feature Update Deployment (Preview)" policy due to some inconsistency's.


I will keep an eye on the older versions and raise a support request if they don't update this month. 


As a business we are happy that the next feature update won't be until around May of next year. 


I think the main worry is, are these latest releases falling through when they aren't quite right, such as the globe icon issue with feature 2004. If you have any advice for these that would be great, otherwise I can continue with a support case for these also.

@matthewobrien8 my number one hunch if 2004+ are installed on your devices with a 365 day deferral configured are that either the deferral wasn't actually applied on the device OR that the device is still enrolled in the "Feature Deployment (Preview)" policy. 


I'd confirm that the deferrals are correctly configured on the device(s) that accidently upgraded to 2004+ and if that is the case, then open a support case. Also please ensure that you remove your devices completely from "Feature Deployment (Preview)" if you are using feature update deferrals to ensure that they work correctly.