Intune: Restricting Bluetooth Devices

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I'm trying to configure an Intune Configuration Policy to restrict the use of bluetooth devices.  I only want the ability to use BT mice, keyboards and audio headsets.  I added all of the applicable UUID's as documented ( and for both "classic" and "LE" however I still cannot get the mouse pairing to work correctly.  For instance, when the policy is set, I cannot use Swift Pair to pair the mouse and if I manually pair it the pairing reports success but the mouse doesn't work.  I am using a Surface Pro X and a Surface Mobile Mouse for testing.  I have about 50 of these to roll out but I will not turn on BT until I can properly control the devices that are allowed to connect.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

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@Troy Peckman This will be more dialogue than what's needed through chat, feel free to ping me a DM and we can find the right workflow/solution. 

Hey Troy, any luck with your query yet? I'm after similar type of requirements and just wondering is there any chance you can give your thoughts on this. thanks
Hi Troy, did you get a solution to this facing the same challenge.