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Generate a simple report when we deploy a Quality Update every month. Also have a report to for other KB's that is deployed including Office 2016 ones.

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Hey Vinod,

Intune reporting is being rolled out over time. The most recent feature additions have been reporting for Feature Update policies and Expedited update policies. While new reporting features are being rolled out, we recommend using Update Compliance for reporting. It offers data to build your own reports, even within the Intune context, by linking your Log Analytics workspace to Intune. It also includes pre-made reports around these areas.

Thanks. But the Update Compliance only runs every 24-36 hours to get us the status which is of no use since i have to wait for 2-3 days to get the report.
Update Compliance runs every 24 hours, you should only need to wait one day. That being said, we hear the feedback on how it would be optimal if the data were updated more often. Regarding this, do you have a sweet spot for data latency (Intune is every 8 hours)? What pieces of data are more important to be more recent than others from your point of view?
For us we need to know the Specific KB is updated, reboot pending or not installed specifically cumulative patches. Yes every 4 hours would be better and also have other KB's reported as well. Like for e.g. KB4023057 which never gets reported in Intune. Also any chance of modifying the 24 hours period by us ?.

While we are looking at bringing similar reporting we have for Feature and Expedite updates to quality updates, there is a way to get this info in Intune, though it will require some extra effort.

You can use the Windows 10 update rings monitoring reports, specifically the End User Update Status to get the current Version of the device. By using you can map the Build.Revision numbers to which Quality Update release.

You can also get the build and revision for all Intune enrolled devices from the Devices / Windows Devices view.

In both of these reports, the data can be exported CSV to be further analyzed.

Hope this helps.
Thanks @David. But there is no way i can do the sort of the data. Everytime i need to export to excel from the the End User Update Status to get the current Version. Also i have been told by one of the support engineer when i opened up a ticket that it is more for the Feature updates and not for quality update that the status it reports. It always has Up to date status even though the quality patches are missing.
We are actually removing the Update Status column int he End User Update Status because it reports the status for all updates offered to the device and is not focused on the updates the profile controls.

And I understand the challenge of needing to export every time. Your feedback on this is very helpful, we are looking at how we can make this better.

Thank you,
Thanks David and you guys are really doing amazing job. We are in the process of moving to Intune fully as 50% of clients have already completed. But the pain point is reporting other than that everything is good. Hope we get some changes sooner
There is some potential there, someone else has suggested that and we're looking into it from the Update Compliance side.