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I'm fairly new to Intune - and I'm a little shocked at how hard it is to setup 365 for users.  There is no documentation that goes through it for a minimum setup users would need.


When I say setup 365 for the users I mean:


1. Install office

2. Setup outlook profile

3. Log Teams in

4. Log Onedrive in

5. Turn on OneDrive backup

6. Add outlook / teams icon to the task bar.



This to me should be 1 doc - with simple clear instructions.  (and should actually be a simple task in InTune).  Is there any guide / process to do this simple / basic setup?

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Installing Office (M365 Apps) from Intune is available as an option in Apps management.  If you choose the settings format option "Configuration Designer" you can choose the Apps you want, the processor architecture and even set activation type.  The guide is here: 


There is also an option to use an advanced XML configuration to allow full customization if you have specific requirements and you can use the Office deployment tool to build your XML if needed or use the Configuration tool at 

@Sean McLaren 


That only looks after step 1 - It's the other steps that are the real issue.


I want to make a machine that the user logs in to and gets to work.   Full setup 365. (not just installed)


I believe what you are referring to is having Outlook pick up the logged in user's email account at first run. Outlook will show the account choice selection and should have the email address of the logged-on user automatically populated. The user will need to verify that is the account they want by clicking on it and then be logged in. If single sign on is working, they will simply be logged in to the mailbox.  However, if for example you are using MFA for Office access and not signed into Windows with Windows Hello for Business, the user will have to go through the authentication process to meet the authentication requirements, which is typically entering their password and then using Authenticator App or another method like a text to complete the MFA sign in.

Related to what you asked, you can also achieve similar functionality for the built-in Windows Mail and Calendar Apps by setting the email account from Intune as described here:

I find Intune pushing 'mail' the most laughable - and 'Microsoftie' thing.

Lets take a corp tool that includes outlook and exchange - and push config of a home tool for gmail.

The 'ad' for Intune and auto config - is the user can take a new machine out of the box and get to work. But the reality - user has to log in to all these different apps manually. That is a HUGE gap.

The user experience is just not there from InTune - from what I can see.

And the Admin experience is really not there. 365 Business Premium is supposed to be for small business. Admins don't have time to read 300 pages to setup a dozen laptops. It's faster to manually set everyone up.

I hope I'm wrong.