improving WSUS Database and installation

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AdamJ made it possible to have a versatile paid script for WSUS 3.0/WSUS 3.2 that is also correcting the Version Strings of WSUS "clients" when hosted on Server 2016/2019.

Affected: Version Name and/or number
WSUS "clients"
Windows Server 2016 > shows Windows 10.0
Windows Server 2019 > shows Windows 10.0
Windows 10 1909 > shows Windows 10 1903
likely Windows 20H2 will show Windows 2004.

Do you plan to investigate some of these issues and fix them with a WSUS related CU that will approach the WSUS database issues and fix it, so we do not have to rely on 3rd party.

The problem is solveable and not by design. 

The default behaviour does make WSUS reports unuseable and makes servicing harder.
It is great to have a new WSUS update category for 1903/1909 and 2004/20H2, but the strings should be displayed correctly.

I am not asking to ruin Adam's work / business model, just to fix the names of WSUS "clients" is a minimum I would see. There are still a lot of users for WSUS, not matter if there are other methods like WuFB, SCCM, MECM.

Also when setting up WSUS with WID or external SQL, can you please consider to apply correct settings for IIS AppPool by default. The current setting will not work out of the box.
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