How will integrate Office Hours with Microsoft VIVA?

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We are very interested in the different options VIVA is going to bring to the workforce, but we wonder of will this affect Office Hours?
Will Insights detect that you connected outside office hours? will the access be blocked?
Does this will happen with VIVA Learning?


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Hi Debora- when we talk about Windows office Hours, we're referring to our office doors being open for you to ask questions. I think you are asking about "office hours" being your work day - what Windows detects as being your work hours. Is that correct?
If so, please check the Microsoft Viva Ask Microsoft Anything on June 23rd
Hi Debora - What a great question! Thank you so much for your interest in Microsoft Viva. Please take a look at some of our announcements from TODAY!
Viva Insights Blog:
Insights in Microsoft Mechanics from our Viva Insights GPM, Kamal Janardhan:

The bottom line to your question is that Microsoft always respects privacy of individuals and of business. Like all of our products, Viva Insights provides controls for Enterprise to maintain this respect.

Again - Thank you for your interest in Viva!
Karen - Viva CXE Lead (formerly, Windows Executive Escalations Lead)