How to apply optional updates on Windows 2016?

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I have a Windows 2016 1607 virtual machine, domain-joined, no WSUS, running SQL 2016.


From running a PowerShell script, I know that there are two optional updates available for SQL 2016 (one cumulative update and one service pack).


How do I tell Windows Update to install those optional updates (without having to manually download and install them)?



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Most likely you are seeing SQL 2016 Service Pack 2  (KB 4052908) and SQL 2016 Service Pack 2 Cumulative Update (CU) 1 (KB 4135048). Those are the most recent applicable SQL 2016 updates. SP2 will install and be detected fine. The cumulative update wont (Idk why) Sad part even after you manually install SP2 CU1 WSUS 5 wont detect it as installed on the server.

As mentioned, no WSUS. Just Windows Update.


I am seeing SP1 CU 10 KB4341569 and SP2 KB4052908.  Makes sense that I can't see a CU on SP2 before SP2 is installed.


No SQL update is available under Settings > Update & security.


My PowerShell script also shows Silverlight KB4023307 but that is not available for install either.


How do I apply optional updates on Windows 2016 without WSUS?



My bad, with SQL updates in general just running Windows updates will most likely not keep you up to date very well. Better option as far as I am concerned it to keep up with to stay up to date and download applicable SPs and CUs for your respective SQL servers. 

Yes, manual updates are always a workaround when Windows won't do updates. The question is, how do I get Windows Update to apply optional updates in Windows 2016 (or Windows 10 for that matter)? I thought the Windows 10 Servicing forum would be the right place to post a general question about Windows Update.

Have you opted in to let WU detect patches besides Windows?

If GUI, start, settings, Updates and security, advanced options

"Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update windows"


Yes, that's checked.

I've never seen optional updates offered under 10/2016. Part of the problem is that 10/2016 do not allow selecting which updates to install. If optional updates were offered, I'd also need a way to deselect. E.g. I don't want Silverlight on all my machines.

Another problem is that you can't apply all pending driver updates at once.

Pretty much the same issue I wrote up two years ago: