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As per this guide FOD (Feature on demand) can not longer be delivered via WSUS after Windows 10 1709. We know have a group policy option that allows you to pint the system at the internet service Windows update or a local file share. We need to install things like the RSTA tooling but do not want to open up our Windows 10 machines to the internet. As such, should we be looking to hosts the FOS ISO for Windows 2004+ as per here? We are running Windows 21 H2. 

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Hi @shocko,

   Yes. You can copy the features on demand ISO to a network share and configure the same group policy to acquire the features on demand from the network share. More details at  

Configure a Windows Repair Source | Microsoft Docs


   We are working on bringing the functionality to acquire FODs \ LPs from WSUS back with Windows 11.  You can find more details at Preview Unified Update Platform for on-premises update management - Microsoft Tech Community



Thanks for the info, I submitted the form to participate in UUP. But do you have more information on how to host repair image source and lp on a shared network for repair and adding FOD.