Force Update scan with WUFB managed by Intune

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Hi, is there a way to force a WUFB scan on a machine or we have to wait every 22h for the scan to be done?


Also, when in the Windows 10 UI, you click on check for Updates, does it check what you have set in your WUFB policies (feature updates included) or will it ignore them and behave like a regular home pc and install everything that is available?



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@lalanc01 there is no way to prompt a scan today in WUfB. However, devices will scan daily (or occasionally more as needed by update processes). 


When an end user clicks "Check for Updates" it simply prompts a scan. That scan will respect ALL configured policies. :) 

@Aria Carley thank you for the information.


I was asking because whenever I click on "Check for Updates" it doesn't honor my 'Windows 10 feature updates'


Is this because of the current bug:
"...when you co-manage devices by using Configuration Manager and Intune, there is a limitation where feature update policies may not immediately take effect. This limitation causes devices to update to a later feature update than the one that's configured in Intune. This limitation will be removed in a future update to Configuration Manager"

If so, then we will have to disable that possibilty until it's fixed to avoid workstations upgrading to another build than what we've specified or see if the workaround works

Thks for sharing the workaround

I@lalanc01 Unfortunately, it could be due to the delay. I'd recommend pausing feature updates or leveraging deferrals for the first 2 days after setting the feature preview policy and the removing pause/deferrals once the policy has time to take effect - just to ensure devices aren't impacted by any latency.

@Aria Carley I thought that when we use the 'Windows 10 feature updates' policy that we needed to set the FU deferal to zero.


Does that mean that we can set the FU deferal to 2 days and still use the 'Windows 10 feature updates' policies to lock a device in a specific build?


@lalanc01 today the reason the recommendation is to not use both is because today deferrals will still apply if you leverage Feature Updates (Preview) in Intune. This means if you have a 365 day deferral and have configured 20H2 as your target version, you will not be offered 20H2 until your 365 day deferral elapses (aka when 20H2 is 1 year old). 


Note - we are working to ensure that deferrals are not applied in future, but that is the current state.