Endpoint/desktop analytics

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Hi, I've heard in a user group that either endpoint or desktop analytics would at some point bring back what we lost with update visibility using Windows Analytics.


Is this true and if so, can you give us a glimpse of what we can expect and a rough estimate on when we could start to see it in private and/or public preview?


Thks in advance.

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@lalanc01 Thanks for the question and interest in Endpoint Analytics. We are working towards adding more capabilities to Endpoint Analytics. I would recommend keeping a pulse on the Endpoint Analytics documentation. Out of curiosity, what capability specifically is top of mind you are looking for?

@Danny Guillory We would like to see our overall quality update compliance and be able to drill down for each update/pc and also driver issues (crashes for example) with possible remediations (not just linked to upgrading to new Win 10 build, but current build), so we can see issues we have and take action.