Dynamic Updates in a disconnected environment

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Is there any way to prestage/predownload  the dynamic updates for feature updates for devices that do not have internet connectivity?

Right now, I use offline servicing with OSDBuilder to add the updates to the WIM file and use this to do in-place upgrade task sequences but I would like to avoid doing that and simply use the feature updates but with the option of providing dynamic updates to my clients that cannot access the internet.


Thank you.



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Hello @ct500 :


Until UUP integration with WSUS ships, there are some challenges. Below are some options:


  1. You can approve DU content in WSUS, for GDR (the LCU), servicing stack updates (SSU), safe OS, etc.. but we do not have FODs published. So if you go this route, with DU enabled, and fail to acquire at the MS endpoints, we’ll fallback to WSUS for a subset of the content. So FOD and language migration will not work versus if you hit the MS endpoints for this content. Right now, for 1809, there is gap with DU publish for WSUS, where GDR DU is not published. That is a known issue, will be fixed soon.
  2. For language packs and language experience FODs, you can host these internally, and point setup to acquire them during migration using the /InstallLangPack option. Since you are moving away from calling setup.exe directly, you can pass this ‘parameter’ in via setupconfig.ini


If you are targeting Win10 v2004, one of the challenges with DU has been no deliver optimization support. That is now fixed, but hasn’t shipped yet; it is in the queue for servicing and should be out soon.





Thank you for the detailed answer. I'll try this.

Do you have any idea when UUP integration will be added to WSUS? Any ETA?


You're welcome @ct500. Regarding UUP, I'm going to leverage my colleague @Dune Desormeaux response on another thread earlier today:


We are hard at work on the UUP project and a central goal of the project is to ensure that language packs and Features on Demand are persisted across feature updates deployed through ConfigMgr and WSUS (servicing as you described).


Unfortunately this is a large project and we don't currently currently have a timeline for release. The functionality is not going to be released as part of the 2006 release.