Device management challenges in Education

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IT admins managing devices in the #Education space, what are your biggest management challenges today? #EducateMe


[Posting this question on behalf of my colleague, Aria Carley]

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At least what is happening in my region on IT industry. lack of young people entering into the real IT role, they doing preparation mostly for the really IT guy to login to do his job, often IT specialists are 1 to 2. and the working environment only allow 1 to 2 man to work, they can take care a very large system already.
As the cloud and VM get so mature. (web base, user friendly interface, video training)
When you visit all the big IT name web site, they are offering free course for entry levels.
Another common issue is talents are getting less in the Job market, due to young people can start almost every business online, they can get a certain amount of money from doing their habit. why border going into a firm listening orders, after the cost of expense to work, tax etc.
Salary properly end up not much difference against the cost, But they earn the time, higher value then money sometime.