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Deploying Feature Updates in Windows Servicing Endpoint Manager

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When I deploy a feature update through the Windows 10 Servicing workspace and set the deployment as Available with a deadline, we do not see a Software Center prompt that the update is available for people to opt in before the deadline.

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@CMC-HSD the first item to check is to ensure that you have configured end user notifications properly in the deployment (Manually deploy software updates - Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs:(




If end-user notifications are enabled, then the behavior is that the notifications will show when the available time is hit. Content must also be available on a distribution point that the client has access to per your boundary group configuration for the update to show in Software Center.  Hope this helps to clarify!

Hi Bruno, thank you for the reply. We have the Deployment User Experience configured as "Display In Software Center and Show All Notifications". Other deployments we have do display a toast notification properly.

It would be nice for the Servicing feature to allow for a Software Center notification option instead of just the Toast, similar to how applications allow.

CMC-HSD does the Feature Update install when the deadline is reached?
In testing it does install at deadline. The deadline for this deployment is next week however.

The expected behavior is a Toast Notification of the available update, regardless of type. I'd try a couple of different things with your current deployment:

1. Check the client side logs for the update advertisement
2. Double check your distribution points for content
3. Ensure that the deployment in question is configured to notify end users it's available.

Thank you for reaching out!