Delivery Optimization and Remote Windows 10 Client Updates

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If an organization uses Delivery Optimization to update Windows 10 clients, is there any bandwidth affect to note when those clients are now connected to home networks, given the present-day shift toward remote work?

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@Kurt Mackie 


Possibly, not a simple one size fits all answer. 


It depends on a number of variables that combine to tune and maximize the savings.  Details can be found in our just released blog 


DO enables a device to source updates of a peer device(s).  You can configure DO to define the networks for their peer device(s).  If a device is configured to use WU over the internet, and for DO sources, it will see benefits. If the device is configured for on-prem management sourcing, over a VPN, it may not. 

In the blog above, we provided options and details for Split VPN and WU update models.