Co-Managed Devices reverting UseAUServer




New to the WuFB world here, but it's been great to switch over.

We have SCCM/Intune and I've switched the workloads of all devices to ensure that Windows Update settings are done via Intune.

For around 95% of the devices the process has gone great and they are using the Intune update settings and devices are updating fine.

There are a number of devices though that seem to be reverting the UseAUServer key and with this reverting aren't updating, I've re-installed the SCCM client on these devices and ensured the correct SCCM policies are in place but they still keep reverting.


Has anyone any ideas why this is happening?



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Assuming you mean the UseWUServer registry value, setting this value in no way prevents a device from using Windows Update for Business. What's more likely happening here is that something is disabling dual scan on these devices or disabling automatic updates completely by setting the NoAutoUpdate value to 1. This could be a group policy, a configuration baseline from ConfigMgr, a startup script, or any number of other possibilities.